Born and raised in South Alabama, Hallie Long seemed to find her niche quickly. 
She began singing at age 4 and soon developed a love for making her own music.
As those around her watched carefully,  she began to flourish into writing songs about her life circumstances, and sometimes using those around her as inspiration. She asked for her first guitar around age 12, and to her own surprise, that is exactly what she had been needing all along. She began playing for family and friends and discovered that she loved helping others, get through their hard days with a little musical reminders , that we all have flaws and failures, but we all have each other. As she grew, so did her love for expressing things, in a the most would shy away from, she continued to '' Honestly ''  speaking her mind. In time , the Alabama Girl packed up her home, her dreams,  and at the age of 19 ,fearlessly headed to Music City, TN. Now she plays all over the the southern states, resting her head in Nashville. As a Writer, she is now in a place where she can showcase her music after years of hard work and dedication, While continuing in her pursuit to living our her simple dreams.
Hallie recently released her very 1st Record "TRUTH TELLER" Debuting at #24 on the Itunes Country Music Charts.

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Hallie has unmatched passion, and inspires many folks with her music.”

— Nate Thompson

"Hallie has a Very Silky, Free Flowing Voice that balances well with her crisp and cozy guitar playing. The music really resonated in the room and everyone seemed entranced by Hallie's vocal delivery " ”

— Orran Scruggs, Oak & Olive Lounge / Wine Bar